Tapping Machine

Due to its long arm structure, it can be as wide as 2050mm raidus and it is easy to guide to large machine bodies that are difficult to transport. The hydraulically operated system performs your tapping operations between M5 and M36 quickly and with minimum cost. With the speed setting in the hydraulic equipment you can set the speed between 0 and 100 rpm and operate at the desire speed according to the guide size. It also has a horizontal and vertical feature. Technical Specifications: -M5-M36 Tapping Capacity -380V / 5,5 kW Electric Motor -0-100 rpm speed -60-120 bar Pressure -7,5 HP Hydraulic Motor -Advanced and Reversed Speed Setting -2050mm Radius Working Area -Easy Installation and Ergonomic Design -Vertical and Horizontal Tapping
Tapping Machine
  • Tapping Machine
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